Why Did Erik Thomson Leave All Saints?

How many episodes of All Saints are there?

493All Saints/Number of episodes.

What happened to Rose on All Saints?

Not long after a blazing row between Rose and Terri, Rose is shown face down in her pool. Nothing in Terri’s recent past, including a year already marked by great tragedy with the death of her beloved Mitch Stevens, will prepare her for what is about to happen. …

When did Georgie Parker leave All Saints?

2005Popular Georgie Parker will leave All Saints in 2005 after seven years with the show, the Seven Network confirmed on Friday. Parker, who plays nurse Terri Sullivan, will film her final scenes with the medical drama early next year, and will be seen on air until the end of May.

What episode does Stef die in All Saints?

Dead on Time”All Saints” Dead on Time (TV Episode 2000) – IMDb.

How long did all Saints run for?

12-yearThe final episode aired on 27 October 2009, completing its recording-breaking 12-year run.

Where is All Saints filmed?

The series was set in a fictional Sydney suburban hospital called All Saints Western General Hospital. The external shots, including sweeping views of the skyline and hospital, were filmed at the Concord Repatriation General Hospital, Sydney.

How many seasons of All Saints are there?

12All Saints/Number of seasonsThe series aired for twelve seasons, and focused on the fictional lives of doctors and nurses as they dealt with the everyday medical issues that came through the doors of Ward 17, and later in the series, the Emergency Department.

Is All Saints a soap opera?

All Saints’ strength lies in its realism and its varied characters – it’s jelly beans of all colors that make the flavor. It’s part drama, part soap opera involving the often quirky patients and the personal lives of staff, from relationship problems to financial woes.

Why did Terri leave All Saints?

Lucy’s mum is murdered and her grandmother dies in surgery. Terri leaves All Saints to spend as much time as possible with Lucy, starting with a holiday to Mitch’s homeland of Scotland.

How does Mitch Die All Saints?

Mitch awakens after his operation and Terri and he pronounce their love for each other, however he later goes into cardiac arrest. Charlotte, Nelson, Luke, Von and Jared try everything, but he dies. The All Saints family gather to farewell Mitch Stevens.

Who played Bart in All Saints?

Andrew SupanzAndrew Supanz (born 1982 in Perth, Western Australia) is an Australian actor. He is best known for playing Dr. Bartholomew “Bart” West (often referred as Homer by other doctors on the show) on the series All Saints from 2006 until the final episode in 2009.

Who was in All Saints?

All Saints (Melanie Blatt, Shaznay Lewis, Natalie & Nicole Appleton) became one of the most successful pop groups of the 1990s, with two multi-platinum albums and record sales in excess of 12 million worldwide.

Does All Saints ship to Australia?

Does AllSaints ship to Canada, UK, Australia, or other countries? … Yes, AllSaints does offer international shipping.