Is It Okay If Your Girlfriend Talks To Her Ex?

Is it OK to talk to an ex while in a relationship?

It’s okay to talk to your ex only when the following three conditions are met: You no longer possess feelings for your ex.

Your ex no longer possesses feelings for you.

Your partner knows that you’re talking to your ex and is okay with it..

What if my girlfriend still has feelings for her ex?

If you’re saying, “My girlfriend is still in love with her ex,” it means that right now you’re settling for second place. … When she sees that you are better than her ex she will naturally realize that her feelings for him are nothing compared to how she feels about you.

Is it wrong to miss your ex while in a relationship?

It isn’t healthy to have feelings for your ex if you are with someone new. If you miss your ex have unfinished business. Its okay to miss them as a friend or a person in your life, but not in a romantic way and if you do then you should cut ties with your boyfriend because he deserves all of you.

Is it weird that my girlfriend is friends with her ex?

It is not uncommon for people to remain in close friendship with their ex after even a long time. However, sit down your partner and tell her that her long talks everyday are making you uncomfortable. Don’t deny her the right to talk with them, as she had also been friends with him long before.

What should I do if my girlfriend misses her ex?

I would suggest you tell her if she misses her ex, she is welcome to go back to him. I’d even go as far as to tell her, if she wants a hand to pack all her stuff, you’re more than happy to grab some boxes and help her make a start – right now. Once that’s done, give her a lift to his house and never look back.

Is calling an ex cheating?

Its cheating. Either you have feelings for the ex or you need to get over yourself if you are just curious if he still cares. Just keep calling him and stay in your current relationship. … If your boyfriend is doing something that makes you crave that love from an ex, then you need to sort this out with him.

Should I let my GF be friends with her ex?

If she wants to be with you, there’s nothing wrong with her friendship with her ex. If she doesn’t want to be with you, then telling her not to be friends with her ex isn’t going to save you–your relationship is doomed. I am not going to write a big essay on what you should do, Because you already have the answer.

What to do when your girlfriend is texting her ex?

Instead, just remain calm and find out what the reason for the texts is. If she is texting to be polite, then it’s fine, but if she’s flirting with him via text, you should tell her to stop and let her know that if she doesn’t, you are going to dump her. If she doesn’t stop, dump her.

Is texting your ex while in a relationship cheating?

In some relationships, traditional concepts of physical infidelity may not apply—it doesn’t count as cheating if you’ve both agreed it’s fine to sleep with other people. … It really all comes down to the ground rules that you and your partner set.

Why does my ex hide his new girlfriend?

He is hiding her for one or more of the following possible reasons: He still has a small thing for you, and doesn’t want you to suddenly shut him out of his life. This does not necessarily mean he wants to get back together with you.

Do guys think about their exes sexually?

Men view their ex-partners more fondly than women view theirs, study finds. Researchers didn’t expect there would be gender differences, but it turns out men and women have different views on exes. The end of a romantic relationship can leave people in a haze of bitterness, resentment and anger.

How do know if your girlfriend is cheating on you?

2. Signs That She’s CheatingShe Keeps to Herself. … She’s Not as Open. … She’s Hiding Her Phone. … She’s Light on Details. … She’s Never in the Mood. … She’s Had a Drastic Makeover. … She Thinks You’re Insecure. … She’s Spending a Lot of Time at Work.More items…•

Is it bad if my girlfriend talks to her ex?

If she speaks with her ex, it may not necessarily be something shady. And talking with her ex will not change her mind about you. But your behavior can definetly push her right into his arms. We all have a past, and some people don’t know how to let go and need help from others to move on, maybe she is helping him.

Why does my girlfriend keep talking about her ex?

Originally Answered: What does it mean when your girlfriend keeps talking about her ex? It simply means that she has found that person with whom she can share about her past relationship because we all need a partner with whom anything can be share.

How do you know if your girlfriend still loves her ex?

20 Subtle Signs Your Partner Misses Her ExShe isn’t responsive to your affection. … Her thoughts tend to be somewhere else during sex. … She holds on to mementos from her ex. … She professes her love for you constantly. … She browses her ex’s social media accounts frequently. … She suddenly talks a lot more about her ex…More items…•

What does it mean when your ex gf wants to be friends?

Your Ex Boyfriend Says He Wants to Be a Friend If your ex boyfriend/girlfriend wants to be friends, it also means that she/he is confused and wants to keep all the options open.